Brighten Your Home with These Quick & Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

  1. Don’t feel like you have to go overboard with the pastel colors this Easter season. Just use your existing color palette and build on that. Choose decorations that compliment your home.
  2. Add a little seasonal flare to your front door with a wreath or seasonal door hanger.
  3. Add eggs to your basket! Choose eggs of every size and color, place them in a basket or vase and put it on display around your home.
  4. Bring some of the outside in by creating a beautiful botanical display. Place colorful flowers in a vase or basket for a gorgeous centerpiece or simply place them on display to add that springtime feel to your room.
  5. Brighten your space by changing out your linens for brighter colors. Blues, pinks, or florals make if feel more like Easter and give that springtime vibe.
  6. Anything vintage is always a great addition to any display. Place a vintage vase or cake stand filled with flowers or sweet treats in the center of your table, add a pretty ribbon and viola, you have a beautiful Easter themed centerpiece.
  7. Throw an Easter themed party. Go all out for your friends and family by serving them Easter themed sweets. A bunny cake or flower shaped cookies will impress all your guests.
  8. Throw pillows make a great Easter addition to any room. Switch out those drab colored winter pillows for pastel or bright colored ones that give off that Springtime feeling.
  9. Don’t leave out your fireplace. Hang Easter garland on your mantel and place flowers and art around it to make it the centerpiece to any room.
  10. Spring and the Easter season is a time for positive thoughts and new beginnings. These decorating tips are a great way to bring these good feelings into your home.